Love awakening coffee - Italian style

Thứ năm,19/12/2019

Love awakening coffee - Italian style


The characteristic that constitutes the "Italian style" in the coffee show is clearly the pride of people who belong to a country that is rediscovering its roots and recreating its splendor.

Coffee has followed the prosperous trading path of the Ottoman Empire introduced to Venice since 1600. As soon as coffee appeared in Italy, Christians saw "drinks from the Islamic world" a threat. threatening. They tried to persuade Pope Clement VIII to declare its use prohibited. Before the verdict, the Pope tasted the coffee himself and from the first sip was amazed at this wonderful drink. The Pope pointed out: "The taste of the coffee is so pleasant, it cannot be a product of evil and it would be devastating for Muslims to exclusively enjoy this flavor. Let's break it down by accepting coffee! ”. Later, Pope Clement VIII performed a baptismal ritual, declaring coffee a Christian drink, marking the explosion of coffee in Italy and spreading throughout continental Europe.
Italy has been the center of Nuragic, Etruscan, Magna Graecia, Roman civilizations ... dominating Western Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean for centuries, making countless contributions to humanity. During the Renaissance, Italy was a place of strong development in art, architecture, literature, science, history and political theory that influenced Europe. From that magnificent history, the Italians have always tried to affirm that it is a symbol of a living style imbued with the quintessential identity of a nation and a civilized power. Even in the coffee category and service, it also reveals the historical role of Italy, especially Venice - the first city to honor the Italian style coffee.
For more than 300 years, Venice coffee is an integration of different ways to enjoy coffee, from Ottoman coffee to English, French, German filter coffee ... all present as a message about the great journey. of Venice, along with the European - Asian trade process, which is also a spreading journey of coffee.
It was not until 1930, with the advent of Espresso, that "Italian Style" coffee became complete. Compared to Eastern coffee that chooses to cook and soak, and Western coffee tends to filter because of the water flowing from the top or the steam rising from the bottom, the difference of Espresso is to create a high pressure to boil water through. Quickly penetrates the coffee powder, extracting the essence of coffee with a seductive foam on the surface.
Artists, poetry, painting, enlightened intellectuals like Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italian national hero), Ugo Foscolo (one of the authors representing Italian Romanticism), Pietro Verri (bright house stance of the Enlightenment Milan) ... gathered at the cafe, to commemorate a golden history, to calculate the turning of the world, to recreate the splendor of a nation that was once the center of typical civilizations.
The coffee culture atmosphere has nurtured and spread widely the advanced ideas of Italy, from art culture to economy and social organization ... Can be mentioned as the Romanticism (Romanticismo) ), the Macchiaioli movement recreated Italian art, the Futurist art movement (Futurism), the Transavanguardia art movement ... all started and spread from the coffee shop.
It is no exaggeration to say that for Italians, the space of a cafe is not only a time and place to enjoy the unique flavors from a unique nut but also a reminder and cherish a fresh world. Beautiful for yourself and for the ethnic community.

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