Overcoming barriers, exporting cashews to the destination

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Overcoming barriers, exporting cashews to the destination

2021 is a year of great changes for the cashew processing and exporting industry.
Especially in the context of both facing the situation of social distancing to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic, and having to deal with the shortage of containers, rising logistics costs make the profit of the cashew industry to be shared. into these occurrences. However, statistics of Vietnam Customs show that cashew export results in 2021 reached 577,400 tons, export turnover reached 3.63 billion USD, up 13% in value and 12% in volume over the previous year. 2020.
Profit sharing
According to the Import-Export Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade, the average export price of cashew nuts in November and December 2021 was at $6,500/ton, up 0.2% over the same period in 2020. In addition, the fourth quarter 2021 is the peak season for cashew nut consumption, markets such as the United States, Europe, China... increase imports.
In the country, the social distancing is gradually being eased, making production and transportation activities more convenient. Because the number of cashew nut consumption in the fourth quarter increased and markets around the world prepared to celebrate Christmas, cashew exports increased, reaching the export target set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. from the beginning of 2021.
According to experts, this steady growth is a great effort of cashew processing and exporting enterprises. Because during the time of implementing social distancing to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic, businesses increased costs on labor resources for "3-on-the-spot" production activities, plus incurred transportation costs. increasing and the shortage of containers in recent times.
Mr. Ta Quang Huyen, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association, said that this year, although the disease outbreak was complicated in the southern provinces and cities, cashew exports still grew well thanks to the cashew processing industry. works well. Cashew processing and exporting enterprises still try to maintain production plants and provide adequate sources of raw materials for the factory.
In addition, the equipment for the factory is also arranged by the enterprise to order, transport and replace in a timely manner, helping the production process of orders keep on schedule. With the development of the domestic epidemic response situation, cashew processing enterprises can overcome, but the difficult problem for businesses and export activities is the price of transportation, logistics fluctuates sharply, increasing by more than 10 times compared to 2020 causing the profit of the cashew industry to be shared in this segment at delivery.
Take advantage of opportunities
Up to now, Vietnam's cashew nuts have been present in more than 90 countries and territories. This is an opportunity for the cashew processing industry to turn the situation around in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic because if this market is affected or closed for trade, other markets can still operate, avoiding a chain break. cashew nut production and export.
Among the markets that import Vietnamese cashews, the US, Europe, China, and India markets are still the main markets of Vietnam's cashew nuts. In the European market, the Netherlands and Germany are the two largest importers of Vietnam's cashew nuts.
When the cost of transportation and logistics has increased in recent months, making it difficult for Vietnam's cashew prices to compete with those of India and Brazil, the Vietnamese cashew industry has enlisted to exploit markets such as China, Japan and Vietnam. some niche markets of the European Union. Expanding the form of transport will help businesses speed up delivery. The train carrying containers of cashew nuts from Hanoi to Belgium marked the opening of more transport routes deep into Europe, making the cashew industry more favorable.
In addition, the cashew kernel market is good all year round and the 3 main export markets such as the US, Europe and China always maintain positive growth rates as well as large market demand at the end of the year, especially the market. European school.
According to a representative of the Vietnam Cashew Association, the United States remains the largest export market of Vietnam's cashew kernels, with a volume of 149,000 tons, worth more than $880,600 million, accounting for nearly 30% of total export turnover. . For the European market, accounting for more than 24% of the country's cashew export turnover. With the Chinese market, accounting for more than 14% of Vietnam's cashew export turnover.
Currently, the two markets showing signs of increasing cashew imports from Vietnam are Germany and Taiwan (China). Specifically, according to the European statistics agency, Germany's cashew imports account for about 29% of the total volume and turnover of the whole bloc. The demand for cashew nut consumption in Germany is continuously increasing due to high demand from the food processing industry and the final consumer demand of the people.
In terms of supply structure, Vietnam is still the number one source of cashew nuts in the German market thanks to stable supply and guaranteed quality. The prospect of Vietnam's cashew exports to the German market will be positive in 2022 thanks to the advantage of the Vietnam - Europe Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). In addition, the increased demand for German cashew imports will have a positive impact on Vietnam's cashew industry.


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