Perspective: “Cashew 4.0 Factory”

Thứ bảy,02/07/2022

Perspective: “Cashew 4.0 Factory”

The program of mechanization and automation of the cashew industry has been invested by Vietnamese cashew processing factories since the early 2010s. But it was not until 2008 that the Ministry of Science and Technology assigned the Vietnam Cashew Association. Nam (VINACAS) is the lead agency for the production project “Completing technology, designing and manufacturing automatic cashew nut shelling machines and cashew kernel peeling machines in cashew export processing lines” – code KC.07/DA.13/06-10.
Since the project was accepted and put into production by the Ministry of Science and Technology, according to experts in the agricultural sector, this is a successful project beyond expectations because: significantly improving the environmental pollution in the production process. Processing; significantly increase labor productivity in the stages of cutting and separating hard shells and peeling silk, contributing to improving product quality.

After that, mechanical enterprises in the cashew industry continued to launch many types of machines and equipment for the program of mechanization and automation in cashew nut processing. Cashew processing at home and abroad.

However, in my opinion, cashew processing technology in Vietnam still has difficulties, requiring businesses to pay attention to handling, which are:

First, the processing cycle in most factories is still too long, 14-15 days because there is still fumigation before packaging, which slows down the turnover of capital and presents an opportunity for contamination. cross, worm.

Second, the quality of goods between factories is not uniform, ...

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit and learn about a number of factories, some mechanical and machine manufacturing companies in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai. I noticed that the factory and mechanical brothers have improved a lot, so our cashew processing technology is becoming more and more perfect.

For example, the processing line “Cashew 4.0” (the whole processing takes place in 4 days maximum), “Cashew 5.0”, “Cashew 6.0”,…

This is bringing practical benefits to businesses and the Vietnamese cashew industry, such as reducing production costs, increasing capital turnover, and better controlling product quality.

Therefore, through the "Expert Perspectives" column, I would like to suggest that VINACAS Board of Directors organize a conference and symposium to objectively evaluate the current level of Vietnam's cashew processing technology. Now, it is more important to give the direction of technology development in the future.

At the above event, I suggest that we invite those who are at the forefront of the mechanical industry, those who own new processing technology to present a typical report for everyone's reference such as the model "Factory Cashew 4.0" of Dai Hoang Kim brothers (Binh Phuoc), model "Cashew 5.0" of Viet Mold Company, "Cashew 6.0" of Cao Phat Company (Ba Ria - Vung Tau), ...

I think this is a low-cost job but will bring many values ​​to Vietnam's cashew industry. We hope you will consider and decide.






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