Professional coffee roasting process tutorial

Thứ tư,11/08/2021

Professional coffee roasting process tutorial

In order to deliver good quality products, there is always a roasting process that is professionally applied and presented. This is what Danielmachine want to bring in the article below.

No matter what form is used, the professional coffee roasting process always adheres to a certain general rule, which has been built and put into general application by people in the profession with many years of experience. The remaining problem for the product to be delicious, to keep the original flavor or not will be decided by the skill and method of preparing the ingredients of each person.

Coffee roasting process

1. Selection and preparation of ingredients

The selected coffee beans must be carefully selected, ensuring that the beans are clean, shiny and free of impurities and are dried at an ideal level. The selection of beans with a uniform size ratio, quality will result in a finished coffee of higher value, the taste is also better than beans that are mixed arbitrarily and without prior screening. .

In addition to using only one type of coffee when roasting, many people have created a new flavor when combining both types together, the purpose is to help coffee be fragrant and different. 

2. Put the coffee in the roaster

With the emergence of modern roasting machines (Vietnam coffee roaster), with continuously improved roasting technology, the roasting process of coffee beans has become much easier. After the coffee beans have been carefully classified, the roaster just puts the beans into the pre-programmed machine and lets it operate. With new technology, the roaster will run and adjust to produce the perfect batch of coffee, roasted to a moderate degree.

During the roasting process of coffee, the reactions Caramel, Melanoidin are formed and changed, as well as creating the characteristic aroma of this familiar drink.

3. Cooling and cold tempering

The purpose is to keep the aroma of coffee beans for a long time, as well as not to burn black after being roasted. The cooling process is very important to professional coffee producers, because it is very important for them to achieve a perfect aroma and color when roasted coffee beans, if cooling is omitted. it would be hard to get those features.

To cool the coffee after roasting, you can place it in a well-ventilated place or use a cooling system to help you cool down faster.

After cooling, to make the coffee beans more delicious, we need to go to the cold brewing stage, this stage is to remove all the remaining acids in the coffee beans, making the coffee beans more delicious. Cold incubation time can be from 3 to 5 days depending on the temperature of the environment at that time.

4. Grind coffee beans

After going through the process of roasting coffee beans, if you want to make delicious coffee, you need to go through the grinding step. The purpose of this work is to reduce the size of the particles to be smaller, making the preparation process easy, the essence in the seeds is quickly released thanks to the broken grain structure.

The work of grinding the beans plays an important role in the quality and taste of the coffee after brewing. Depending on the type of mixing tool, done manually or using a machine, experienced people will know how fine the grind is.

Many modern devices are supporting better coffee roasting

In addition to the professional coffee roasting process being put into operation and use, modern machinery and equipment has also been continuously researched and developed, being operated quite commonly in this field. With advanced technology and automatic operation system, it has partly helped the production and processing of coffee beans become more efficient, producing better quality and delicious coffee products than ever before. .

Currently, almost every stage of coffee production can be used with machines, from roasters, grinders to dispensers, completely replacing traditional methods and human strength, in line with the needs of customers. Human demand is increasing day by day, it is necessary to produce a large amount of finished coffee in a short time.

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