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Antibacterial fabric technology applied in mask production

Thứ năm,23/04/2020

Antibacterial fabric technology applied in mask production

Currently, to meet the needs of the prevention of Covid 19, many Vietnamese textile and apparel enterprises have participated in the production of masks using antibacterial cloth. So what is the technology to create antibacterial fabric and its application?

One day, this business can supply 20,000 antibacterial masks to the market. To ensure that the material meets the antibacterial standard of up to 90% in 24 hours, the business consulted and received technology transfer from a research unit with strict standards.
The most common way to get antibacterial textiles is to put antibacterial substances and keep them durable (or inside) the textile material during use. These are usually bactericides or inhibitors of bacterial growth. In this lab, scientists are applying the soaking method to create a standard antibacterial fabric.

However, it is difficult to distinguish between antibacterial fabric and non-functional fabric with the naked eye. Therefore, to ensure production standards, businesses are forced to carry out testing at eligible research institutes.
Antibacterial masks are not currently the main products in Vietnamese textile enterprises. However, due to the increasing demand for disease prevention masks, with the combination of textile enterprises and scientists, the production of masks from antibacterial fabrics can completely meet the requirements. reality./.

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