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Cashew nut processing machines

Thứ sáu,04/03/2022

To produce cashew nuts, it is necessary to go through a very meticulous process, under the support of a cashew nut processing machine, which will help shorten the time and bring higher efficiency. If you are looking to buy a quality machine at a good price, Daniel Machine is a reputable supplier that you can choose.

Cashew nut processing machines

To complete the processing of raw cashew nuts into various products during processing, the following types of machinery are used:

Cashew Sorting Machine

This machine has the main function of sorting cashew nuts into different sizes. Cashew nut sorting machines will usually sort into large, medium, small, and crumbs. This machine will help save time and labor very effectively. The machine can sort about 1.4 to 1.7 tons/hour.

Cashew nut steamer

This type of machine is also commonly known as a boiler. The cashew steamer will use steam to steam cashews for the purpose of neutralizing the acid in the shell, to improve the efficiency of cashew processing later. Each steaming, the number of cashews can range from 600 to 800kg.

Cashew nut dryer

This type of machine will help the silk skin peel off from the core to make it easier to peel.The cashew nut dryer will apply a temperature ranging from 80 to 90 degrees Celsius for about 120 minutes and is continuously mixed to ensure that the silk skin of all cashews is peeled off. The capacity of the machine to operate at one time is about 1500 - 1800kg.

Cashew moisture meter

The moisture meter will help you easily adjust the moisture content of the cashews to about 2% to avoid the cashew kernel being broken when separating the silk. It can be said that this is an important machine because if the humidity is not guaranteed, the cashew nut produced will no longer achieve the desired aesthetic and quality.

Cashew nut shelling machine

The cashew shelling machine will help the shell to be quickly separated from the kernel with high accuracy, limiting the breakage of the kernel, saving time and labor. This type of machine can split shells from 50kg to about 2000kg/hour.

Cashew color machine

Cashew nut color machines will help to classify non-standard cashews based on color, support better classification, save labor costs but achieve high efficiency. The operating capacity of this machine can reach 1 ton/hour.

Cashew metal detector

This type of machine will assist in the inspection and removal of metal components remaining in the cashew nut processing process. Metal detectors work very effectively, they will perform a check before proceeding to pack cashews to avoid any future effects, if any, especially in cases of transporting cashews by plane.

Cashew nut packing vacuum machine

The vacuum machine is also classified as one of the cashew nut processing machines. Because, this type of machine plays the role of packaging the finished product, sucking out the air inside the bag to prolong the shelf life of cashews and keep their original flavor.

Note when choosing cashew nut processing machine

When choosing a cashew nut processing machine, there are many things to keep in mind, the most important are the following 5 things:

  • Should choose a machine with a capacity suitable for processing scale.

  • Reputable supplier, quality assurance of a cashew nut processing machine.

  • Should choose to buy the latest models to be able to apply modern technology to the production line, avoid choosing old model models that cause inappropriate situations.

  • Check the actual figures against the figures given by the manufacturer.

  • Appropriate cost.

Provide quality cashew nut processing machine in Ho Chi Minh City - Daniel Machine

Proud to be one of the reputable cashew nut processing machines suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City, Daniel Machine is the unit that you can trust and contact.


The machines parted that the company provides are imported genuine, undergo rigorous quality checks and test runs by an experienced team before handing over to customers. More than anyone else, Daniel Machine always strives to bring the best products.


Besides, during the process of using, if an error arises, Daniel Machine's staff is also ready to support and help you fix the error quickly to limit the impact on the operation. Worth mentioning, with a super good price policy, quality commitment that Daniel Machine will not let you down.

Through the information shared, hopefully, it has helped you better understand the cashew nut processing machine as well as know how to choose the most suitable machine. For more detailed advice, please contact Daniel Machine immediately via :
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