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Features of cashew nut peeling machine

Thứ hai,07/03/2022

Cashews are processed into many products and are quite popular because they provide a very useful source of energy for the human body. However, in order to improve production quality, reduce labor costs and ensure aesthetics, cashew nut peeling machines have been used by many businesses. If you are also interested in this machine, please refer to the following details with Daniel Machine.

Features of cashew nut peeling machine

Automatic cashew peeling machine is a specialized machine to separate the shell and kernel quickly, ensuring the integrity of the kernel, avoiding breakage. This machine is designed with pipes with different blades, when the cashews are transported here, they will be split and separated from the shell.


The process is very quick, the number of cashews to be split can fluctuate up to about 2000kg per hour, which saves a lot of labor costs and the cashews after shelling still keep their original shape, less crumbled.

Why is the automatic cashew nut shelling machine widely used?

Cashew nut peeling machines are widely used in many businesses specializing in the production and processing of cashew nuts because:

  • The implementation process is pre-set, the time is quick.

  • The machine works automatically, cutting labor costs.

  • The machine uses modern technology, extremely high accuracy.

  • High productivity, large number of products.

  • Simple installation, adjustment and operation.

Why should you choose to buy a cashew nut peeling machine at Daniel Machine?

To choose to buy a quality cashew nut peeling machine, Daniel Machine is a supplier that you should not ignore. With many years of experience in the industry, the machines provided by Daniel Machine are all genuine , with clear provenance and documents.


In addition, you will receive enthusiastic advice from the company's experienced team, support to fix technical errors during use by a team of highly qualified engineers. In addition, Daniel Machine also applies many preferential policies and separate warranties for each product, supporting exchange and return within the prescribed time.

Finally, hopefully through the information just shared by Daniel Machine about the cashew nut peeling machine in the above article, it will help you easily choose the right machine for your production scale. Contact for the fastest advice and support.
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