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How to reach antibacterial fabric?

Thứ năm,23/04/2020

How to reach antibacterial fabric?

Mr. NH, an expert in the textile and apparel industry, after seeing firsthand a cloth mask outside the packaging with the inscription ad "increase resistance, effective prevention, high quality antibacterial" sold 10,000 dong / the unit was suspicious.

Remove one to see the inner lining, Mr. N.H. affirmed that the middle liner is only a paper with water-proof and dust-proof characteristics, often used in filters of household appliances.

According to Mr. N.H., if you want to mention the quality antibacterial mask, it is important to first use the right fabric that applies the antibacterial spraying process when producing that fabric.

He added that even the appearance, filtration, respiration and allowable limits of heavy metals are among the must-have test criteria. cloth samples, if they were really told to use antibacterial cloths to make masks, otherwise all would be "hanging goat heads, selling dog meat".

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Textile Research Institute said it takes at least 4 days to implement an antibacterial spray process to produce antibacterial results 100 times higher than conventional fabrics.

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