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MD antibacterial mask

Thứ năm,23/04/2020

Recently medical masks have been used a lot to prevent the Covid19 epidemic. However, if you know how to use high-quality antibacterial cloth masks, you can also be completely assured to prevent infection for yourself and your loved ones.

Some notes when using cloth masks are different from medical masks. Because the structure and fibers have larger openings than medical masks, the ability to protect from outside agents such as droplets is less.

However, it still protects you because they help prevent direct penetration of particles, droplets from outside carrying virus germs. They remain on the outer layer of the cloth mask not allowed to enter the respiratory organs, or oral mucosa of the user so that under normal conditions you can rest assured to use this type of mask.

The better advantage of a cloth mask over a medical mask is that it is reusable, avoiding wasting resources of individuals and society. When using cloth masks you can and should be washed regularly with antibacterial soap daily to eliminate bacteria stored and blocked in masks.

In addition to drying or drying in the sun, you can completely reuse as a new mask. This is an outstanding feature that cannot be reused by medical masks. It saves you quite a big budget during this peak season.

Currently, MD is currently a big distributor for prestigious mask companies in Vietnam market such as US, Japan, European for antibacterial cloth masks. Shop here

Currently, antibacterial treatment fabric of MD is regularly supplied to Japan and US market. Has been tested and evaluated by your country in accordance with JIS L 1902 Japanese Industrial Standard - "Testing of antibacterial properties and effectiveness for textile products". This is the highest quality standard up to this point. This method is similar to the American AATCC 100 method and Vietnam's ISO 20743 method.

The second line is the antibacterial cloth Omikami mask, which functions as an antibacterial, dust-proof, and respiratory protection. This is also a product line of Japanese standard for user health protection for public health. Antibacterial masks are highly appreciated in this fastidious market.

Not only in the prevention of Covid19 in particular, but in the prevention of respiratory diseases, it is recommended that individuals who regularly use this product include:

The first group is carriers and infected with the virus: This is the first priority because it is easy to spread germs to people around them. The number of infected people will continue to increase, uncontrolled, causing a larger outbreak of the disease.
The second group of general health workers (therapists and caregivers): These individuals have close and close contact with patients who carry germs, so their risk of infection is much higher than those of people outside. Equipping them as much as possible so they are not infected is essential.
The third group is close contacts of the family members taking care of the sick: Individuals are in direct contact with pathogens, so prevention of infection is essential to minimize the spread of germs.
A group of four healthy people must move to a crowded place. Especially in the area, there are many infected people but not yet identified in the community. This is a necessary safety measure for the whole community to be healthy.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to equip each individual with a mask when going out, or in working environment. From the most common source of infection, the environment is exposed to sneezing, coughing, spilling the virus-carrying beads out of the mask and circulating to other individuals spreading the disease.

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