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Thứ sáu,15/02/2019

10 useful uses from chicken eggs

I'm regretting for the late summer forget to buy fresh lotus seeds on reserve, today the market suddenly found the goods are sold. I was asked to know this is also the last lot of this year. So do not hesitate, I bought a little to take away gradually.

My family likes to eat tea, porridge, stewed with lotus seeds, but I do not want to buy dried lotus seeds in the market. Dried lotus seeds are always available all year round, but I am very concerned about the safety and fear of lotus seed quality is not guaranteed.

I heard that dried lotus seeds are often bleached with bleach, and use chemicals to preserve them long. Every year I also buy fresh lotus seeds and then take away gradually. The way to do it is to buy fresh whole lotus seeds, then remove the black shell and silk membrane outside, remove the lotus heart and put it in the bag into the refrigerator in the refrigerator.

The mothers notice is not washed over water nhé. Each time you want to eat, take out enough of the lotus to use, rinse with water several times to cool off so that lotus seeds will be soft, without abrasions. In t.his way, the mother can preserve lotus seeds in about 4-5 months. However, today, she sells herself another way to store lotus seeds for the whole year.


She told me after buying fresh lotus seeds to peel, leave the mind to bring about 2-3 light sunny, as the sun of the moment is very appropriate. She also added that absolutely do not let the lotus seeds stick to water, then remove the dried lotus seeds into the bottle dry, clean use gradually. Keep the container in a cool, dry place, occasionally bringing it out for inspection and exposure in the sun.

Because it is the last lot of season, I see that you have sold many kinds of products related to lotus seeds such as lotus seeds, lotus seeds have been discarded, lotus seeds have peeled off, mind and lotus lotus. dried. By the end of the season, I saw her selling this "screaming" price a bit high. The lotus is 50,000 VND / dozen, the fresh lotus seed is 110,000 VND / kg, the lotus seeds are peeled, the center is 150,000 VND / kg and the star is dried star is 25,000 VND / kg.

I know it is expensive but I keep buying, because my opinion is that it is cheaper and safer than buy dried lotus seeds cheap quality that is not guaranteed. I always buy 3kg lotus seeds in the shell, convenient today is the weekend, the whole house sitting gathering just watching television, just peeled lotus is what is interesting.

After buying lotus seed, the next job is to go buy food for today. It is easy to see that almost all foods and fruits that are believed to originate in China are "boycotted". The prices of these foods decreased markedly, for example, cabbage from 9,000 VND / kg to 6,000 VND / kg, white cabbage from 12,000 VND / kg to 8,000 VND / kg, pomegranate from 20,000 VND / kg to 15,000 VND Grapes from 30,000 VND / kg to 25,000 VND / kg and 25,000 VND / kg from apples to 25,000 VND / kg, orange from 15,000 VND / kg to 12,000 VND. kg. On occasion, the fruits "home" price up slightly. The price is 40,000 VND / kg (last week was 30,000 VND - 35,000 VND / kg), and the price of pomelos was 12,000 VND / fruit (up 2,000 VND / ), pomelos of five rods is 16,000 VND / fruit (up 1,000 VND / fruit). Other commodities prices do not change.

Today I bought a few flowers and shrimp for lunch. Price is 8,000 VND / tael, small silver shrimp is 15,000 VND / tael. I bought a few more meat and clam for dinner. Three pieces cost only VND100,000 / kg and clams cost VND30,000 / kg.

Today to buy sour pickle in the market to cook clam soup is too hard, finally I pity to change the car with sấu. I bought a pineapple again to cook for the bowl more lively. Pineapple is priced at 6,000 VND / fruit.

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