Cashew nut cutter machine

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Our product range includes a variety of shelling and material packing systems for the cashew nut processing industry. We offer system solutions that meet the needs of customers and are able to enhance and improve the production process. All delivered systems meet the strictest quality and hygienic requirements. Our in-house design and manufacturing allows us to provide customers with standard products as well as customized solutions.

Advantages of using our machine:

-Quick pay-back time

-Minimum give-a-way

-Fully automatic or semiautomatic

-Flexibility; quick product change

-Easy to clean


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Capacity: 200 - 250kg/h

Uncut ratio: < 10%

Broken ratio:

•Kind A : 2 - 4%

• Kind B: 3 – 6%

•Kind CD: 4 – 7%

- Garbled ratio: < 5%

Electrical consumption : 1.1kw/hr

Motor power: 2 Hp

Number of cutter : 10

Knife blade 25 x 30mm

Product features Cashew nut cutter machine
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