Cashew nut cutter machine

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We make the cashew nut processing systems. Our experience and know-how regarding shelling and sorting systems result in powerful, reliable systems that shelling and sort cashew nut perfectly. The unique features of our systems are robustness, high speed, precision, and custom design to optimize the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Our team of enthusiastic engineers and designers are responsible for the development and production of our systems.  We offer advice, rapid delivery, or the best possible after-sales service.

We delivery our systems across the world, and pay great attention to the individual requirements of our customers.


Contact us by whatsapp or e-mail below for more information about application sectors, installation and shipping methods.


Capacity: 200 - 250kg/h

Uncut ratio: < 10%

Broken ratio:

•Kind A : 2 - 4%

• Kind B: 3 – 6%

•Kind CD: 4 – 7%

- Garbled ratio: < 5%

Electrical consumption : 1.1kw/hr

Motor power: 2 Hp

Number of cutter : 10

Knife blade 25 x 30mm

Product features Cashew nut cutter machine
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