Coffee Roasting Machine 60kg/batch

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Built-in feature.

Compact design. Engineering focus.
You will appreciate outstanding quality of our machine.
Easy to follow instruction
Direct-to-you low price.
Finely crafted.
For commercial and industrial roasting


*Coffee roasting machine 60kg/batch

- Capacity: 60kg/batch (20-40 mins/batch).
- Power supply: 5.5HP (4.1kW - 380V - 50Hz – 3phases) . Embrace: roasting barrel’s motor 3HP, fan’s motor 1HP, cooling equipment’s motor 1HP, water pump 0.5HP.
- Fuel consuming capacity: 2-3kg gas/h.
- Dimension: LxWxH=4.0x2.5x2.5 m (excluding 8m high chimmey)
- Processing time is adjustable.
- High temperature stability ratio (product’s quality is stable).
- Low fuel consuming ratio.
- Easy in operating.
- Effective dust filtering system and fire preventing system.
+ Coffee roasting machine.
+ Coffee cooling machine (used after roasting stage).
+ Dust filtering cyclone.
+ Fire preventing pump.
+ Controling panel with thermometer.
+ Stairs



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Product features Coffee Roasting Machine 60kg/batch
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