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About our coffee bean.

Our coffees come from a combination of lots tendered by Buon Me Thuot, Myanmar plantation as well as several hundred local smallholder farmers. From these deliveries, daylots are blended together by quality and cup at our mill, located in the heart of  Highlands. Buon Me Thuot estate itself was established in the 1930s by the French, were part of the colonial efforts to introduce coffee as a cash crop to the country. Originally the estate was closer to 800 hectares of land.

High altitude and cool temperatures make this an ideal location for high-quality coffee. The plantation and the local smallholders both sell cherry directly to the mill for processing, which allows for greater quality control and selection. The mill has expanded its milling capacity relatively recently, with a wet-milling line and a waste-water processing plant.

At our mill, coffees are purchased and sorted in cherry, depulped, fermented for 24 hours in tanks without water, then dried on tarpaulins for three to six days. Coffee is sent to the dry mill  for hulling and final sorting for export.


Daklak Robusta bean : 3-5 usd/kg

High quality Arabica bean from Kachin Myanmar : 6 usd/kg

After 50 years under junta regime, life in Burma have improve in the city, but in the countryside, life is still struggling. Most of natural resources in hand of goverment such as: gem, teak wood, petroleum, gas and export. To China and Thailand.

One of very good thing Myanmar unknown to the rest of the world is coffee. They grow mostly in the highland area, pick by hand, process by hand. The origin of coffee brought by British when they colonized Burma , coffee tree grown under the shade of Macca tree. The weather, water, soil, cultivation method ( not or very limit to use fertilizer yet) make Burmese coffee has distince flavor compare to other. And very high quality. Because of less known, their green bean price still quite cheap, of course if you can buy directly from the farmer.

Kachin state is border of Myanmar and China. A remoted and poorest State of Myanmar. Most people even Burmese they dont know about Kachin coffee. Kachin in Myanmar is commonly known as not famous in coffee farming. Because they grow it for China market. Highland coffee are usually harvest in March. These coffee beans have never entered to Myanmar market yet. The famers sell to China through border passed illegally. But now Chinese gov block all border pass except Myanmar gov official gates. The famers have no idea to sell in Myanmar yet. Coffee beans are good . But Chinese are not coffee lovers. They have not much price in China too.


A part of our profit will go direct to ethnic farmer to raise awareness of eco farming and environment caring.


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