Cashew nut shelling machine

How does the cashew nut shelling machine work?

Thứ năm,21/10/2021

How does the cashew nut shelling machine work?

Raw cashews will be poured into the top feeding hopper of the cashew separator. Then the seeds will be transferred to 4 material dividers. Corresponding to 4 split pipes are 4 split machines. The raw cashew is placed vertically for easy splitting. The cashew kernel will then be sorted out of the cashew shell. Cashew shells are separated to serve the hull coating industry. For broken or unsplit seeds, this process will be repeated.

In general, the productivity of cashew nut separator ranges from 40 kg/hour to 2 tons/hour. It is very important to sort raw cashews before they are put into shelling. Therefore, Danielmachine's advice is that you should buy a sorting machine and a cashew separator from the same manufacturer. To get the "uniformity" in the operation of the two machines. Avoid the situation of "drums beat forward, trumpet blows backwards". With factories building a closed processing model, they usually have a skilled technical maintenance team.

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