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Vietnam cashew nut processing industry

Thứ hai,03/01/2022

Science and technology, mechanization and automation accompanies the development of Vietnam's cashew processing industry

Accompanying the development and success of the cashew processing industry in Vietnam, there are important contributions of Science - Technology, Mechanization, and Automation. Thanks to the application of Science - Technology, Mechanization, and Automation in cashew production and processing, difficult problems in cashew nut processing have been solved such as: environment, labor shortage, and product quality control. products, ensuring food safety and hygiene.
Vietnam is a country with the world's leading capacity and technology for processing cashew kernels. Besides success, we need to recognize and re-evaluate the limitations and challenges in production and processing that need to be overcome for the Vietnamese cashew industry to develop sustainably.

Current status of the process of mechanization and automation in cashew processing factories in Vietnam.

Currently, most of the cashew processing factories in Vietnam are mechanized. However, the level of mechanization has not been synchronized and the efficiency is not high. The previous stages of manual production that required a lot of labor such as cutting and separating the hard shell, peeling the silk, and sorting the color of the cashew kernels have now been mechanized with machinery and equipment to replace a lot of manual labor. labour. This mechanization is basically to reduce a lot of labor, but not really fully automate in the processing cycle, the efficiency of mechanization is not high because of the following problems:
Processing by machine has not been properly established.
Factories only use replacement machinery and equipment to reduce labor, machinery and equipment are installed on the old premises, but have not properly planned the production site. Production stages are not connected synchronously, wasteful in the use of premises and product paths. Substandard facilities affect the production process and product quality management.
The level of optimal utilization of machinery and equipment is not high. Energy saving has not been given due attention. The working environment for employees has not been improved well, some stages of workers still have to be in direct contact with noise, hot gas, and cashew oil, which affects workers' health.
Reusing old but not retrained human resources to meet the new production situation by mechanization.
The efficiency of using resources is not high, the management tools are still manual, many people must be used in monitoring and management.
The old production practices have not changed to adapt to the new situation.
In order to maintain advantages, increase competitiveness, and avoid shifting production to countries with abundant raw materials, cashew processing factories in Vietnam need to have orientation and implement the following necessary solutions:
Paying attention to the quality of cashew kernels: Currently, there is a situation where production only focuses on output without paying due attention to quality improvement and food safety assurance. Some stages such as cutting and separating the oil contamination rate are high, too much forced moisture recovery affects the taste and color of the kernel. If we do not focus on improving quality and ensuring food safety, it will affect the brand of cashew kernels produced in Vietnam, this is a great danger to the cashew industry in Vietnam.
Vietnamese cashew businesses need to build a brand identity of Vietnamese cashews, master technology, improve management capacity, and create competitive advantages in cashew production and processing compared to other countries.
The cashew kernel processing process by machine must be established in a scientific way, the processing stages must be connected to increase the degree of automation to a high degree of automation, towards complete automation of the processing stages.
The factory should be established to meet HACCP, BRC or FSSC 22000 standards.
High automation in production and attention to energy saving as this is an issue that greatly affects production costs. Towards a person who only assumes the role of operating, monitoring, maintaining and testing the product.
Human resources must be retrained and attract new highly qualified human resources to operate and manage better.
Rebuild the scientific working process for employees to improve the awareness of responsibility and increase labor productivity.
Promote the application of science and technology and technical and technological solutions in production to shorten the processing process and improve product quality.
To catch up with the 4.0 revolution, enterprises must apply information technology to production management and business management such as: using SCADA data collection and monitoring control system for factory operation; using production and business management software for enterprises such as ERP to simplify production and business management. Moving to remote management through mobile devices and apps, storing data on Cloud Server helps managers and business owners to proactively update plant operations in real time in their locations. everywhere. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to production (such as sorting, quality monitoring, product tracking) helps to reduce time, increase productivity, reduce waste and improve quality and transparency. product origin.

Create a friendly and developing working environment to attract high-quality employees to stick with the business for a long time.
To improve competitiveness, businesses need to set up factories with large capacity, produce 3 shifts and organize production in the direction of Lean manufacturing to reduce costs and be proactive in production. export.
Actively apply innovation, creativity and improvement in production and business. When enterprises can be proactive in production, they will be more proactive in business, when facing difficulties, they can overcome and develop sustainably.
About deep processing
To gradually shift from raw processing to deep processing to increase product value as well as brand value of Vietnamese cashew.
It should be done with specific and necessary actions such as: doing market research, establishing a club of deep processing factories to share information, and linking with universities to research products. deep processing and technology transfer for businesses in need, attracting financial resources, attracting human resources to meet businesses, promoting domestic consumption through communication channels, organizations promote and distribute products in touristy areas.

Regarding machinery and equipment for deep processing, domestic machine manufacturers can fully meet the requirements of providing suitable equipment as required for deep processing factories.

We are proud that the taste of Vietnamese cashew is the best in the world, so let's take action to have Vietnamese cashew products recognized by consumers as the best in the world.

About scientists, technology and equipment manufacturers for the cashew industry

Scientists and machine manufacturers need to be determined to carry out research and breakthrough technological solutions applied to Vietnam's cashew industry in the new industrial stage.
Complete technological solutions to shorten the production process, improve quality and ensure food safety and hygiene.

Manufacturing and manufacturing equipment must be based on industry standards (durability, materials, energy saving, noise, food safety).

Improve service quality, support the development of Vietnam's cashew processing industry.

Some high-cost machines still have to be imported, such as color sorters, metal detectors, and x-ray machines, which must be completely imported, so it is necessary to focus on research to actively produce domestically.

Vietnam Cashew Association and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

More policies and incentives are needed to attract young scientists from many fields to participate in technological research for the production and processing of cashew products.

The State should have policies to encourage and support scientists of machine-building units to research new technologies to support the cashew industry. At the same time, the state has a mechanism to prioritize the transfer and create favorable conditions for the application of the 4.0 technology platform to the cashew industry.








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