Packing machine

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Machinery for packing


- This machine is made from 2 rotor: packaging part and vacuum part. The packaging part have movement discontinuously.
- Using touch screen to operate and being able to install up to 100 kinds of products.
-  Setting and changing machine speed, adjusting the temperature, vacuum level and filling liquid volume on touch screen easily.
- Additionally there are variety of the funtions such as self - diagnosis function, showing reason/ handling solutions, set clock, install counting notification and maintenance time.
- Be able to display vacuum and temperature in real time by upgrading the system and we support the management systems HACCP.
- Recycling function is set within standard amd saving bags by reusing emty bags.
- Be able to combine with automatic weighing system.
- Adjust the packing (base width) by changing a switch.
- No need to adjust in the vacuum box.
- Vacuum box is made of plastic so that it can check inside clearly
- The inside vacuum box can be washed by water 
- Setting time by electronic
-  If the heater is broken, the alarm will sound and the machine will stop.
Product features Packing machine
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