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How to use, wash and keep antibacterial cloth mask correctly?

At the time of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, besides medical masks, you can use antibacterial cloth masks to prevent viral infections. With Danielmachine learn about tips for using, washing and storing cloth masks!

1. What is antibacterial cloth mask?

An antibacterial cloth mask is a fabric treated by the method of bringing antibacterial substances to the surface of the fabric in different ways: soaking, coating or spraying, etc. 90% of bacteria after 1 hour of exposure and reduce to 60-70% after some washing.

Quality antibacterial cloth masks can be disinfected after 10 - 30 washings depending on the type of antibacterial substance used.

2 Benefits of using cloth masks to prevent disease


Prevent the risk of infection
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the virus that causes COVID-19 disease has a mechanism of spread mainly by the saliva, nasal discharge of patients spread to the outside environment when they cough or sneeze.

Cloth masks can prevent you from coming into direct contact with these droplets carrying these dangerous germs.

Can be reused many times
Unlike medical masks, cloth masks can be reused many times but still achieve high efficiency in preventing and preventing infectious diseases in the community. Even many cloth masks can be reused up to 30 times (after each mask is washed with soap water).

Comfortable to use
Although N95 respirator is more effective in preventing disease, it should only be used by doctors who regularly contact with patients. For ordinary people, wearing an antibacterial cloth mask is enough to protect yourself and those around you.

 Instructions to wear a cloth mask properly

Step 1: Determine the correct wearing direction of the mask
Usually, an antibacterial cloth mask will be designed so that the surface is directed downwards to limit the chance that droplets will stick to the cloth.

Step 2: Wear a mask that covers the nose to the entire chin area
After determining the direction of wear, you begin wearing a mask. You need to  put the position that the mask can squeeze close to the nose bridge and cover the entire chin.

This will help prevent droplets that may pass through the gaps in the mask and enter the respiratory system in your body.

 Instructions for washing and storing antibacterial cloth properly
Wash the mask manually, do not wash the machine
With an antibacterial cloth mask, you should wash gently by hand. Do not put a respirator in the washing machine. You can use an antibacterial soap or antibacterial hand sanitizer to clean the mask.

Note: Use a foaming hand sanitizer, not a dry hand wash or gel to wash.

Absolutely do not use hot water
Be careful not to soak the mask in hot water because the fabric will swell for a long time, making the antibacterial chemicals escape from the fiber structure, losing the antibacterial feature of the cloth mask.

Dry the mask immediately after washing
You should dry the mask in the shade, avoid drying antibacterial cloth masks directly in the sun. UV rays from the sun can interfere with the antibacterial chemicals on the fabric surface.

5  Notes when using a cloth mask

- You should choose masks using knitted or woven fabric with 2 layers (with 1 antibacterial layer) to ensure to prevent the penetration of viruses and bacteria into the body.

- When removing the mask, you hold the strap to remove, do not touch the outer surface of the mask with your hand because there may be viruses, bacteria still remaining on it.

- You need to wash your hands with soap, diluted alcohol solution or dry hand sanitizer after removing the mask.

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Mr. NH, an expert in the textile and apparel industry, after seeing firsthand a cloth mask outside the packaging with the inscription ad "increase resistance, effective prevention, high quality antibacterial" sold $1  / the unit was suspicious.

Remove one to see the inner lining, Mr. N.H. affirmed that the middle liner is only a paper with water-proof and dust-proof characteristics, often used in filters of household appliances.

According to Mr. N.H., if you want to mention the quality antibacterial mask, it is important to first use the right fabric that applies the antibacterial spraying process when producing that fabric.

He added that even the appearance, filtration, respiration and allowable limits of heavy metals are among the must-have test criteria. cloth samples, if they were really told to use antibacterial cloths to make masks, otherwise all would be "He cries wine and sells vinegar:".

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Textile Research Institute said it takes at least 4 days to implement an antibacterial spray process to produce antibacterial results 100 times higher than conventional fabrics.




Our 2-layer antibacterial cloth mask with 2-layer structure with the same ingredients containing Agion + anti-UV, helps prevent dust and bacteria effectively. The product has full size, soft strap covers the entire face so its breathable, bringing a sense of comfort when used. It is airy and free very soft.
The material use follow OEKE - TEX 100 , class 1. Highest standard for making infant baby cloth.
A mask can be washed over 30 times so it is very economical, environmental friendly. After 30 times washing it becomes a normal cloth mask. 

Price $29/ pack 10 pcs


Product features Surgical mask. 29 for a pack of 10 pcs
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