Advantages of industrial coffee grinders with water cooling system

Thứ tư,16/03/2022

To get a delicious cup of coffee, full of flavor, the process of grinding coffee beans must also be very meticulous. For that reason, an industrial coffee grinder with a water cooling system was born, meeting a large amount of ground coffee but still keeping the original flavor. If you are looking to buy genuine products, do not ignore the information that Daniel Machine revealed through the following article.

Structure of industrial coffee grinder with water cooling system

Industrial coffee grinder with water cooling system is a machine manufactured by new technology, using circulating water to lower the temperature created by friction between the two blades, thereby reducing the heat for the whole machine and ground coffee beans.

With the operation based on the above principle, this machine can operate throughout the day, surpassing other conventional grinders but still ensuring the quality of coffee and maintaining the average temperature of the coffee machine below 38 degrees Celsius.


Besides, with the design of the spacious and scientific grinding chamber, the coffee after being built does not stagnate or freeze, reducing the quality of the coffee, but always keeping the coffee texture after grinding. This design also saves you a lot of cleaning time.


In addition, with the water cooling system, which contributes to maintaining the rich taste of pure coffee beans, the color is not changed and brings the most delicious cups of coffee.

Advantages of industrial coffee grinders with water cooling system

Some outstanding advantages of industrial coffee grinders with water cooling system are as follows:

  • Operation unit, simple operation operation.

  • Easy to install and disassemble when cleaning is required

  • Restricted state coffee is stored in the grinding chamber

  • Avoid situations where the coffee powder after grinding flies out

  • The part of the coffee bean grinding disc is used with high-quality, sharp materials

  • Durable motor, long machine life

  • Energy saving

  • High dynamic performance, can grind to about 50kg/hour.

Why should you choose to buy an industrial coffee grinder with a water-cooled system at Daniel Machine?

Daniel Machine is a reputable supplier of industrial coffee machines in Ho Chi Minh City, trusted and chosen by many people because:

  • The machine is imported genuine, quality assurance

  • Fast delivery support

  • Friendly staff to answer all your questions

  • The installation staff is experienced and the most well-trained

  • Apply many preferential policies and product return policy when due to manufacturer's fault within a specific time

  • Warranty for a long time

  • Best price.

Through the information about the industrial coffee grinder with water cooling system that has just been shared, hopefully it has helped you better understand how this machine works. For advice on quality products, please quickly contact Daniel Machine
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