Tips for roasting better coffee

Thứ tư,11/08/2021

Tips for roasting better coffee

The secret of good coffee roasting does not stop at technique, but it also lies in many different aspects that, if synthesized, we will have an even better cup of coffee.

Not only depends on the quality of the coffee beans, but the roasting process also plays a very important role in bringing the unique flavor to the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee roasting technique is a prerequisite to the quality of a good cup of coffee, coffee roasting techniques need to be well trained and experienced in order to produce a good quality coffee. standard and appropriate roasting techniques. However, in addition to continuously improving our coffee roasting techniques, we can still improve the quality of the coffee by many other small factors.

Important is choosing coffee beans

We should know that no matter how great the roasting technique is, if the beans are not up to the standard, it is still difficult to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Therefore, the way you choose coffee beans will also affect the quality of your coffee.

In addition to choosing the type of coffee bean with the desired flavor, you also need to choose a good coffee based on the appearance of the beans. Coffee beans must be intact, thoroughly screened, free of debris or dirty impurities. A standard coffee bean, the overall surface of the coffee bean must be bright. Depending on the needs of the dark or light of the coffee, choose the right coffee beans.

Choosing a coffee roaster

If you have chosen the best coffee beans, you need to pay attention to your coffee roaster as well as whether the roasting method is suitable or not. When choosing a coffee roaster, you should choose those with the right capacity along with simple use and operation, making the roasting process of our coffee more convenient.

Each type of coffee roasting machine will have a different roasting method, so it is necessary to choose to buy a roaster at a reputable unit that supports transferring roasting techniques to us, in order to be able to use the coffee roaster at best.

Pay attention to the color of coffee beans when roasting

When roasting coffee, the fire should not be too high, so regularly consider the color of the coffee beans. After roasting, coffee beans are mainly divided into four colors: light brown, dark brown, dark brown and black. Depending on the taste of coffee (or different drinks) we will aim to roast coffee to what extent.

If we need a strong strong coffee aroma, roast the coffee at a light brown color, if we like the original sour coffee, let the coffee beans have a dark brown color, if we need a light bitter taste, let it turn dark brown and dark brown. If you like coffee with a strong, bitter taste, roast it to a glossy black stage.

After roasted coffee beans need to be stored in a ventilated place or use a fan to cool the coffee beans faster, it is necessary to avoid the case that the coffee is still hot, which will continue to ripen leading to burning coffee beans. Currently, modern coffee roasters are equipped with quick coffee cooling components.

Note when grinding coffee

There are many types of coffee grinders on the market today, in coffee shops often use automatic coffee grinders that can set the fineness and grinding time of coffee. Therefore, we need to pay attention to setting the level of grinding suitable for each different drink to create delicious cups of coffee for customers.

Meanwhile, in families or people who are passionate about coffee, they often use a manual coffee grinder. According to experts, a manual grinder allows us to create the most standard coffee powder. Depending on the taste of coffee, we have a moderate grind level.

However, no matter how you grind it, you should be careful not to grind the coffee too big because the coffee flavor will not be complete at that time, nor should you grind the coffee so fine that it becomes muddy. Coffee no longer tastes like it used to, especially coffee powder that is too fine will make it difficult to brew.

The secret to good coffee roasting lies not only in coffee roasting techniques, but also in choosing coffee ingredients as well as choosing and using coffee equipment such as roasters, grinders, .. Perfect implementation of the above problems, along with a good roasting technique will bring us even more delicious cups of coffee. learn more at website




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